Owner driver jobs: your road to independence


Introduction to owner-driver jobs

What are Owner Driver Jobs?

An owner-driver job is a job where the driver owns their vehicle. Owner drivers include Uber drivers, food delivery drivers, and other gig economy courier drivers. At Ontime, we employ drivers who own their delivery vehicles, from small one and two tonne vans, up to pantechs. 

Why Become an Owner Driver?

Becoming an owner driver is appealing for a range of reasons. Jobs often offer flexibility and a good work-life balance. This allows drivers to choose their own hours and potentially earn more based on their workload.

The Current Owner Driver Job Landscape 

There is an increasing demand for owner drivers, particularly in the gig economy. These jobs are available in various sectors, including food delivery, online shopping, and courier services. 

Market Trends and Demand

Impact of Technology on Owner Driver Opportunities

Technology has transformed owner driver opportunities and it can be tempting to register for an app and leap into the gig economy, but there are pitfalls. More people want to be owner-drivers because of the increase in online shopping and freelance work.

Working for Uber or a delivery platform can be unpredictable. You may not know who you’re working for or what you’re doing each day. Your route can leave you far from home, and the amount of work can change, sometimes even being none. This means your earnings can also be uncertain, making it hard to know how much you’ll make each week.

Advantages of Driving for Ontime over Driving for e-commerce or a food delivery service

At Ontime we place our owner drivers into fixed roles with set delivery runs. They learn about their customers. They also learn where they begin and end their daily runs.

Additionally, they know the amount of money they will earn each week. This amount is certain. 

Getting Started as an Owner Driver

Getting started with us as an owner driver is very simple.

  • You must have your own dependable vehicle. We have job openings for vans of different sizes, box trucks, large trucks, refrigerated trucks, and pantechs. We also occasionally have seasonal vacancies for car and ute drivers.
  • You must have an ABN for payment and a commercial driver’s license if needed for your vehicle size.
  • We need owner drivers with excellent customer service, teamwork, good attendance, and willingness to commit to a regular work schedule.

Initial Investment and Running Costs

As an Ontime owner delivery driver, you need to invest in a vehicle, insurance, fuel, maintenance, and licensing.

Maximising Earnings and Managing Finances

Working for Ontime allows you to earn more money. We achieve this by providing consistent delivery routes. Additionally, you can enjoy a guaranteed income from the same customer every week.

Common Obstacles for Owner Drivers

One of the most common obstacles we hear from prospective delivery drivers is the cost of purchasing their own delivery vehicle. Purchasing a van in good condition does require some initial outlay, but the potential rewards are considerable.

Solutions and Strategies for Overcoming Challenges

If you’re serious about setting yourself up as an owner driver we recommend you speak to us. We work closely with many sellers of commercial vehicles who can give us discounts and better financing rates.

Time Management and Work-Life Balance

Effective Scheduling Techniques

Scheduling can be tricky when you’re an owner driver, and it can be difficult to know what to prioritise when you’re faced with complicated delivery runs and competing priorities. At Ontime we use our Fleet X-ray to analyse and optimise our customers’ delivery runs so we can support our drivers with efficient delivery routes that minimise wasted time on the road.

 Maintaining Healthy Work Life Balance

We have many drivers join Ontime seeking work-life balance and we are confident that our stable permanent roles, guaranteed incomes, and optimised route-planning all help create an agreeable work environment for our drivers.

We do our best to offer our drivers industry-best conditions, and many members of our team start and finish their routes close to home and work Monday to Friday, between the hours of 7am and 5pm.

We don’t expect our drivers to work weekends or overtime unless they want to. This helps drivers set boundaries between work and personal life, balancing their work and personal needs.

The Role of Technology in Owner Driver Jobs

Utilising Apps and Software for Efficiency

At Ontime, we give our drivers PDAs to help them communicate easily and securely with our customers. Our GPS technology helps drivers find the best routes to save time. Our customer management system ensures secure and traceable interactions for peace of mind. 

Staying Ahead with Emerging Technologies

The great thing about working with Ontime as an owner driver is that we provide our drivers with the latest delivery technology. That means our drivers don’t have to invest in costly devices and upgrades. It’s our business to save our customers money, time and headaches, so it’s in our interest to keep our drivers equipped with the very latest in delivery-tech.  

Safety and Wellbeing on the Road

Prioritising Safety as an Owner Driver

We train our drivers for their specific jobs so they feel comfortable with all aspects of their daily tasks. Our drivers don’t have to work extra hours or overtime because we prioritize route management. This reduces driver fatigue and the related risks. 

Customer Service and Relationship Management

Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences

At Ontime, we promise to treat our customers’ businesses as if they were our own. Therefore, it is crucial for our owner drivers to prioritize excellent customer service.

Our drivers are given regular routes and are trained well for their job. This allows them to become familiar with their customers’ business and provide better service. 

Advantages of Being an Owner Driver

Working as an owner driver for Ontime offers independence, flexibility, job stability, reliable income, and support from a driver liaison team.

You can have the joy of running your own business, with the benefits of a big transport company’s support. Ontime helps owner drivers who are self-employed by providing support, training, and a comprehensive infrastructure of technical and personal assistance. This assistance is aimed at helping owner drivers deal with the challenges they face.

Ontime offers support in various areas, including technical and personal assistance. They also provide training to help owner drivers improve their skills and knowledge. Additionally, Ontime has a comprehensive infrastructure in place to ensure that owner drivers have access to the resources they need. Overall, Ontime aims to make the self-employment journey easier for owner drivers by offering a range of support services.

Embarking on your Journey as an Owner Driver

If you’re ready to embark on your journey as an owner driver, there are several ways you can contact us.

  • Call our friendly driver liaison team on 1300 132 367.
  • Email our team on info@ontimedeliverysolutions.com.au
  • Browse the roles we have available right now, and apply for an owner driver job online.

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