Ontime Analysis & Technology

We know up-to-the-second delivery information is vital to you and your clients, so we employ a range of innovative technologies that guarantee transparency, communication and surety with every delivery.

Ontime Fleet XRAY

We understand that cost is a significant factor when you are considering changing your delivery solution. “Your outsourced delivery service sounds great, but it must be expensive” is something we hear frequently from potential partners.

To help you compare your current distribution solution with what Ontime offers, we’ve developed ‘Fleet X-Ray’ – a free, forensic analysis of your existing transport costs
(if you’re currently using company vehicles and drivers) based on more than 30 years of transport industry cost modelling.


Awareness: Understand your true transport costs – we’ll provide a detailed report with a complete breakdown.

Savings: Accurately compare the cost savings you can achieve by ‘in-sourcing’ your transport needs to Ontime.

Confidence: Feel reassured that you have all the information you need to make the correct financial decision.

Calculate how much you’ll save by outsourcing to Ontime

Technology and Optimisation

Using proprietary analysis software, your dedicated account manager continually monitors your Ontime delivery solution seeking cost and route efficiencies, and helping you to improve your service levels and customer relations. Freeing you up to concentrate on your core business.


Transparency: Track and trace deliveries, driver locations, and ETAs in real time, 24/7.

Communication: Send pre-delivery and proof of delivery (POD) notifications to your customers via SMS or email.

Surety: Customer provides electronic signature via PDA on receipt of goods, replacing paper-based proof of delivery and record keeping.

Convenience: Enjoy real-time peace of mind that goods have been delivered, and delivery information is easily retrievable.

Have you ever wanted to know where your delivery or driver is? Ontime vehicles are fitted with state of the art ‘Ontime Earth’ GPS Tracking technology that enables our clients to track and trace the progress of their deliveries and vehicles simply, efficiently and in real time, from pick-up to drop-off.


Clarity: Complete transparency and improved security because you know where your delivery vehicle is at all times.

Monitoring: Track and trace the progress of your deliveries, and receive notifications of any delays.

Productivity: Plan and maximise the efficiency of your deliveries by optimising your delivery runs to save your business time and money.

Improved service: Locate drivers and vehicles in real time and rapidly respond to customer enquiries about delivery times.

Our clients are great at their business, but rarely have the time, expertise or equipment to maximise he efficiency to their deliveries. At Ontime we can pre-plan our clients’ deliveries using route planning and scheduling technology that maximises the efficiency and effectiveness of deliveries. We use data provided to us by our clients, or gathered through our Track and Trace technology, to proactively identify cost savings and optimise route planning, and we continue to hone our clients’ delivery operations in response to their evolving needs.


Ease: Let Ontime schedule your deliveries in advance.

Efficiency: Ensure efficient, cost-effective deliveries.

Surety: Know what order your deliveries will be made in and ETA of goods.

Value: Maximise the effectiveness of your vehicles and drivers.

We’re committed to protecting the health and safety of our contractors, our clients, and their customers.

With the demand for contactless deliveries escalating during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve developed and implemented an innovative photographic proof of delivery (POD) system through our PDAs. This system replaces customer signatures, enabling your Ontime contractor to validate deliveries using a time and GPS-stamped photograph of goods delivered.

All our staff and contractors are briefed on health and hygiene practices, and we continuously monitor and adhere to Department of Health and Human Services recommendations.


Social distancing: Receive goods at a secure, designated, location.

Safety: Confirm deliveries without physical contact, via PDAs and geotagged imagery.

Confidence: Know that we have plans in place to minimise disruption to your deliveries.

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