Celebrating service milestones in NSW


In March we celebrated major service milestones with three of our Ontime Delivery Solutions contractors in New South Wales: Kevin Howarth, Lenart Gewargis and Rimon Barkho.

Our longest-serving contractor in NSW, Kevin Howarth is celebrating 13 years’ behind the wheel for Ontime. He worked with one of our longest-standing clients, Boyded Industries Pty Ltd, for 11 years and has spent the past two years working with another of our clients, Davidson Hospitality.

Kevin’s can-do attitude and willingness to help his fellow drivers has been unwavering in the face of change, and he’s supported, and added ongoing value, to our clients and their customers every step of the way.

Lenart Gewargis has worked with Phil Gilbert Motors since he joined Ontime more than 12 years ago. Lenart demonstrates a genuine commitment to Ontime’s values and principles of excellence in service, is unfailing in the care and attention he shows our client’s customers, and loyally protects Phil Gilbert Motors against competitor approaches. Lenart embraces Ontime’s technological leadership and willingly trains his colleagues when Ontime implements innovative technologies.

Rimon Barkho has worked at Phil Gilbert Motors since joining Ontime 10 years ago and faithfully demonstrates Ontime’s promise to partner our clients with integrity.

Whether you’re management, warehouse staff or a member of the Ontime family, Rimon is the go-to man for all things Phil Gilbert Motors, and the level of responsibility vested upon Rimon is testament to the esteem in which he is held, and the integral role he plays in Phil Gilbert’s warehouse and delivery operation.

At Ontime we promise to partner our clients with the greatest integrity, providing exemplary service that fosters long-term partnerships.

Immeasurably valuable to the Ontime family, Kevin, Lenart and Rimon all demonstrate their commitment to this promise on a daily basis and in March we acknowledged their achievements with a celebratory dinner at Liana’s in Parramatta where each was presented with an engraved Emporio Armani watch to commemorate their service milestones.

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