Subcontractor Delivery: Beyond the Basics

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Introduction to Subcontractor Delivery

At Ontime, we provide our clients with a comprehensive delivery transport freight and logistics service for one, pre-agreed, all-inclusive fee. We provide drivers, vehicles, and technology for your deliveries. This saves you money on vehicles. It also covers costs such as wages, insurance, and maintenance.

What is Subcontractor Delivery?

When you sub-contract out your transport and logistics function to a third-party operator, you are looking for a one-stop-shop delivery solution that is built on your business’ specific needs, is cost-effective, optimises your delivery runs, takes responsibility for day-to-day people management, and maintains the upkeep of vehicles, while giving you full transparency and control over your deliveries.

You need to understand exactly what your deliveries are going to cost you each month, and feel confident that your customers are in safe hands, serviced by familiar faces who understand their needs, and that you retain visibility over the entire operation while remaining free to concentrate on your core business.

The growing importance of subcontractor delivery in the logistics industry

In the logistics industry, subcontractor delivery services are increasingly vital for efficient operations. As demand surges and supply chains become more complex, many businesses rely increasingly on subcontractors to expand their delivery capacity and reach. It is possible to find delivery subcontractors that offer specialised expertise, flexible resources, and geographic coverage, allowing firms to adapt swiftly to fluctuating demands and scale their operations cost-effectively.

An innovative ‘insourced’ delivery solution creates agile transport and logistics, enabling companies to meet customer expectations for faster, more reliable deliveries while optimising their own resources and focusing on core competencies. As such, subcontractor delivery has emerged as a cornerstone of modern logistics strategies.

The evolution of subcontractor delivery

Subcontractor delivery has evolved significantly in the logistics landscape. Initially seen as mere service providers, subcontractors now play a strategic role in supply chain management.

With advances in technology and globalisation, subcontractors have embraced digital tools for real-time tracking, route optimisation, and seamless communication. This evolution has led to greater collaboration, transparency, and efficiency throughout the delivery process. And, subcontractors like Ontime have the capacity to offer specialised services tailored to specific industries, for example food deliveries and pharmaceutical deliveries.

Historical perspective and modern changes to delivery services

Delivery contractors have long been integral to supply chains, initially serving as auxiliary service providers. Historically viewed as transactional partners, their role was limited to transporting goods from point A to point B. However, in modern times, perception has shifted dramatically.

Delivery contractors are now recognised as strategic collaborators essential for supply chain optimisation. With advancements in technology and logistics management, they offer specialised expertise, contribute to agile operations, and enhance customer experience through personal service and innovative solutions. Today, delivery contractors are valued for their pivotal role in enabling seamless, efficient, and customer-centric supply chain operations.

How technology is shaping subcontractor delivery

Technology is reshaping subcontractor deliveries in the logistics industry by enhancing efficiency, visibility, and collaboration. Advanced, tech-based, routing and optimisation enables delivery service providers like Ontime to plan the most efficient routes, and reduce fuel consumption and travel time. Real-time tracking systems provide accurate location updates, allowing for proactive management of deliveries and timely notifications to customers.

Digital platforms facilitate seamless communication between subcontractors and clients, streamlining operations and minimising errors. Put simply, technology is enabling subcontractors to deliver goods more effectively, meeting the evolving demands of modern product-based businesses.

Key advantages of subcontractor delivery

Outsourcing to a delivery subcontractor provides flexibility that is not possible with an in-house delivery operation.

  1. Scalability: Subcontracting allows companies to scale their delivery capacity up or down quickly in response to fluctuating demand without the need for additional permanent hires.
  2. Flexibility: By insourcing delivery drivers, companies can adapt to changing market conditions and seasonal peaks without being tied down by fixed costs or workforce constraints.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: Subcontracting drivers can be more cost-effective than maintaining a full-time delivery fleet, as companies only pay for the services they use without incurring expenses like vehicle maintenance, insurance, or employee benefits.
  4. Geographic reach: Subcontractors often have a wider geographic reach, enabling companies to expand their delivery coverage without investing in new infrastructure or personnel.
  5. Specialised expertise: Drivers and vehicles can be sourced to meet the exact demands of your business, enhancing the efficiency and quality of deliveries and customer service.
  6. Focus on core activities: Outsourcing delivery operations allows companies to concentrate on their core competencies and strategic initiatives, rather than diverting resources to non-core functions like logistics management.

How cost-effective and flexible is outsourcing my deliveries and logistics?

Outsourcing deliveries and logistics offers a cost-effective and flexible solution for businesses. By leveraging third-party providers, companies can avoid the upfront costs associated with maintaining their own fleets and infrastructure. Additionally, outsourcing allows for scalability, enabling businesses to adjust their logistics operations according to fluctuating demand without the burden of fixed overhead expenses. This flexibility empowers companies to focus on their core competencies while benefiting from the expertise and resources of specialised logistics partners, ultimately driving efficiency and improving overall business agility.

Will outsourcing my deliveries meet speed and efficiency KPIs?

It’s essential to carefully select and collaborate with outsourcing partners who can meet your specific KPIs and align with your business goals. Effective communication, regular performance monitoring, and clear expectations are crucial to ensuring outsourcing arrangements contribute positively to speed and efficiency metrics. When you sign up with a third-party delivery service provider your outsourced solution should align with – or improve – your business’ speed and efficiency key performance indicators (KPIs).

By partnering with a reputable logistics provider like Ontime, you get to leverage more than 30 years’ expertise in the Australian transport industry, our technology and resources, to enhance the efficiency of your delivery operation. We focus on route optimisation, advanced tracking systems, streamlined processes, and ongoing analysis to ensure timely and accurate deliveries, and constant improvement.

What are the challenges of outsourcing my deliveries to a contract delivery partner?

Outsourcing deliveries to a contract delivery partner can pose challenges such as reliability, communication gaps, and quality control issues. Overcoming these challenges requires establishing clear expectations, fostering open communication channels, and implementing robust performance monitoring mechanisms. Regular audits, feedback loops, and transparent reporting help maintain accountability and ensure adherence to quality standards. Additionally, partnering with a delivery provider that fosters collaborative partnerships, invests in driver training programs, and utilises technology for real-time tracking and communication, will all enhance coordination and mitigate the risks associated with outsourcing deliveries.

How can we easily navigate regulatory and compliance issues with our outsourced delivery solution?

If, like Ontime, your outsourced delivery provider is experienced and works at the cutting edge of the delivery transport industry, navigating regulatory and compliance issues should be a breeze. It’s our job to keep our finger on the pulse of all regulatory frameworks and legislation relating to road transport in Australia.

We recommend you thoroughly vet potential delivery partners, to ensure they are experienced in the industry, and have a strong track record of compliance with relevant regulations and standards. Clear communication and detailed contractual agreements are essential, outlining compliance requirements and responsibilities explicitly, and you should require regular audits and performance evaluations to verify adherence to regulations and contractual obligations.

And compliance is a two-way conversation. Keep your delivery partner up-to-date with the latest news specific to your industry so you can work together to stay on the right side of the law. By working with a delivery partner that prioritises compliance and maintains proactive measures, you can effectively navigate regulatory challenges and mitigate associated risks in your delivery operations.

What happens if my delivery requirements fluctuate?

At Ontime, we understand that your delivery needs can spike during peak periods for your industry, and drop off when business is quiet and we’re equipped to cater to these unpredictable fluctuations in demand, and special circumstances where you may require additional drivers in order to fulfil a unique order. Our delivery solution is flexible to support your business during spikes and drops in demand.

We have the resources and expertise to quickly scale up your delivery capacity to meet increased demand, ensuring timely fulfillment of orders without the need for long-term commitments or investment in additional infrastructure.

And we are always on the lookout for opportunities to optimise your delivery runs to eliminate unnecessary costs. By leveraging our network of drivers and optimised logistics systems, your business can enjoy a responsive solution for your ad-hoc delivery needs, enabling you to stay agile and meet your customers’ expectations efficiently.

How can I enhance efficiency by outsourcing my delivery operation?

Outsourcing your deliveries to a specialist delivery partner, not only has the potential to improve the efficiency of your transport and logistics function. It is also an opportunity to switch your focus from this complex and specialised area of your business so you can spend more time working on your core business.

How can I use technology to improve my delivery operation?

A modern delivery and logistics operation is not complete without a suite of sophisticated transport tech. This should include analysis software that not only allows you and your customers to track their deliveries in real time and provides for contactless delivery where required, but also provides your delivery partner with invaluable data to ensure the optimisation of delivery routes.

How can I optimise my delivery runs?

A leading-edge delivery partner will engage the latest technology across track and trace, route analysis, planning and scheduling, and contactless delivery to guarantee transparency, communication and surety for you and each of your customers for every delivery.

Quality assurance in subcontractor delivery

Collaboration is critical for businesses that rely on delivering goods. It’s important to identify partners you can trust. How do you know you can trust them? Take your time to get to know them, and ask the right questions to ensure they understand what you are looking for in the partnership. Do your research to establish their track record and speak to other businesses who have worked with them.

How can I maintain high standards of service to the customers I am making deliveries to?

The key to maintaining tip top levels of customer service is to staff your delivery team with fully trained drivers who are embedded within your business, who understand what you do, and your customers’ expectations and requirements around deliveries. At Ontime we understand your drivers are very often the face of your business, with day-to-day contact with your customers, and the responsibility for delivering on your business commitments. The best collaboration partners care about you and what you do, and they’re seeking a win-win situation where everyone thrives and prospers.

Implementing feedback and continuous improvement

Regular reviews of your delivery operation are critical to ensuring continuous feedback. A proactive delivery service provider will have the technology to analyse your operation on a day-to-day basis and will use those numbers to constantly seek opportunities to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness. At Ontime, our relationship-based approach maintains open channels of communication, and we also build in regular review sessions to ensure we have a clear understanding of your business as it grows and evolves.

Staying ahead of the curve with deliveries

When you’re in the products business, it can be hard to stay ahead of the curve with your delivery operation. From keeping up to date with transport rules and regulations, to identifying and utilising the latest in delivery technology, to recruiting and training drivers during a labour shortage, there’s a lot to focus on outside your core business. That’s where a delivery partner like Ontime comes in.

Keeping up with industry trends and innovations

At Ontime, it’s our job to stay up to date with the latest in transport news, trends, regulations, legislation and compliance. We have more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, and the transport industry is our focus 100 per cent. By partnering with a transport and delivery specialist like Ontime you can save yourself significant time and focus on the detail around your transport operation, while still retaining control, leaving you to focus on what you do best – your business.

Continuous learning and skill development

A structured review program isn’t just an opportunity for your delivery partner to feedback to you, it’s an opportunity for you to communicate the state-of-play in your business, and any changes in priorities, goals, KPIs, customer-base and focus areas. Regular reviews can also be used to provide feedback on your core driver team, identify areas for skills development and ensure they are growing alongside your business.

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